About Us

Ergoproject is a national and international reference brand, which provides rigorous and quality service in Engineering and Consulting, through its qualified technicians. By integrating professionals with wide experience and combining it with new people with innovative ideas, it makes us a mass of specialists in different areas, with answers to the problems you propose to us, being the solutions always thought on the basis of trinomial, quality, cost and safety. We seek the excellence of our clients' projects in order to guarantee satisfaction, trust and future partnerships with them.

Our Services

We provide consulting services and support to all engineering, construction and architectural activities.


We provide the following studies and projects:

  • Structural Projects;
  • Peripheral Containment Projects;
  • Excavation Projects;
  • Foundations Projects;
  • Water Suply Projects;
  • Wastewater Projects;
  • Rainwater Projects;
  • Thermal Projects (REH and PES);
  • Acoustic Comfort Projects;
  • Public Road Occupation Projects;
  • Projects for Lots
  • Fire Safety Projects - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Risk Category;
  • Self Protection Measures;
  • Energy Certificates (REH and PES);
  • Technical Reports

We provide the following studies and projects:

  • Electricity Projects;
  • Telecommunications Projects;
  • ITED Projects;
  • Home Automation Projects;
  • Computer Networking Projects;
  • Electrotechnical Sheets;
  • Projects for Lots;
  • Technical Reports

We provide the following studies and projects:

  • AVAC Projects;
  • Ventilation Projects;
  • Smoke Exhaust Projects;
  • Mechanical Installations Projects;
  • Special Installations Projects;
  • Energy Studies;
    • Energetic certification (GES)
    • Vehicle Approvals ‐ IMT
    • Technical Reports